EquipmentLaboratoryDermaclaim continues its business growth plan with the acquisition of new equipment for the laboratory and clinical facilities

31/08/2022by Admin0

The Spanish dermocosmetic testing laboratory, focused on efficacy and functionality in vitro and clinical testing, has just reached their first 200 products for testing, even before having completed its first year of life. Born on October, 2021, the company has conducted 140 different projects, both for active ingredients and end-cosmetic formulations, with more than 45 different clients all over the world.

In order to continue with its business growth plan, Dermaclaim has recently acquired new equipment to increase its capabilities in the laboratory and the clinical activities. For the in vitro and ex vivo bioassays, a new solar irradiator UVACUBE 400 + SOL500 with a wavelength spectrum between 300 and 900 nm has been acquired from Honle UV France. This will allow Dermaclaim to offer studies for complete sun protection in human cell lines, 3D reconstructed skin models, and human skin explants; additionally to the specific studies for irradiation with UVA, UVB, HEV, or IR.

On the other hand, for the clinical testing in human volunteers, 2 new devices are now ready to be used. First, a new MyotonPRO-model 1B (Myoton AS) device was recently acquired to provide invaluable information on the condition of superficial skeletal muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. This will allow to obtain information to validate the efficacy and functionality on specific biomechanical properties, additionally to the classical parameters obtained with other devices such as Cutometer MPA Dual 580. In parallel, an Echograph UltraScan UC22 (Courage-Khazaka) has been also added to the available devices in Dermaclaim, in order to provide specific data on skin thickness, density, and subepidermal low-echogenic band (SLEB) in volunteers’ skin.

This new equipment, together with future acquisitions scheduled for the last quarter of the year, such as TrichoScan HD 4.0, will allow Dermaclaim to increase its catalogue of in vitro and clinical services, and satisfy their client’s needs. Currently, the laboratory has a portfolio with more than 130 references, with more than 90 studies ready for in vitro and ex vivo testing, together with more than 40 studies for clinical evaluation in human volunteers.


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