ABOUT USFacilities

Laboratory and clinical testing facilities to conduct both in vitro and in vivo studies

IN VITROLaboratory facilities for in vitro and ex vivo testing

Our projects are conducted in the PCUV-SCSIE facilities (University of Valencia´s Science Park - Central Support Service for the Experimental Research), which allow us to use the latest techniques and offer a wide portfolio.
Confocal Microscopy
Cell Culture
Flow Cytometry
Mass Spectrometry
Sun Simulation (UVACUBE)
Atomic Spectroscopy
Franz Cell Diffusion

IN VIVOClinical facilities for in vivo testing in human volunteers

Our clinical facilities are located inside the city of Valencia, in an area with several neighborhoods and near the universities, making easier the panel recruitments for a wide range of volunteers.
Eotech AEVA-HE V4
VisioTOP-500 bench
HeadScan Bench Face
Nikon D5600 (40mm)
FrameScan software
Corneometer CM 825
Sebumeter SM 815
Sebufix F-16
TrichoScan HD 4.0
Cutometer Dual MPA 580
Mexameter MX 18
Colorimeter CL400
Glossymeter GL-200
Tewameter TM Hex
AquaFlux AF200
IR EvaTHERM Camera
Nail StrainStress NM 100
Echograph UltraScan UC22
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