Become a panelist and receive free samples and a financial compensation by in-person testing different cosmetic products.

VOLUNTEERSParticipate in our clinical tests with cosmetics

It the study standards and obligations are met, a financial compensation will be received at the end of the treatment.

According to the specific type of study (duration of the treatment, number of visits, number of measurements, etc.), the compensation could range from 15 € to 200 €. The compensation is given at the end of the treatment, only if the study obligations have been strictly followed.

Additionally, the volunteer will keep the remaining samples for free. The cost of the treatments tested in Dermaclaim ranges between 10 € and 150 €. You will also benefit from the positive effects that the treatments may induce in your skin.

TO BECOME A VOLUNTEERWhat does it mean to be a volunteer?

The safety and cutaneous compatibility of all of the products we test have been previously validated

Dermaclaim is a testing laboratory for cosmetics, personal-care, and food-nutraceutical products. If you want to be part of our database of volunteers, you will be the first people in use products which are in the final phase of the development, previously to be launched into the market, or already in the market. We conduct in-person testing, using the latest technology to carry out the initial and final analysis of your skin.

We only test the efficacy of products that have been already validated as cutaneous compatible and safe for the skin. This way, you will help to demonstrate the efficacy and functionality of finished products and formulated active ingredients, after using the product during a specific period following a specific routine.
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