LaboratoryScientificDermaclaim closes 2023 with a 57 % increase in turnover and continues its business growth plan

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The Spanish dermocosmetic testing laboratory, focused on efficacy and functionality in vitro and clinical testing closed 2023 with a 57.5 % increase in turnover, compared to 2022, reaching 400 projects conducted for 89 different clients and 600 samples tested, since the start of the activity in October 2021.

During 2023, 50.2 % of turnover corresponded to studies on functional ingredients, whereas 49.8 % corresponded to tests on final product. It is also important to remark that more than 85 % of the incomes came from international clients, whereas less than 15 % came from Spanish clients.

In order to continue with its business growth plan, Dermaclaim has recently invested on new facilities for the in vitro laboratory inside the University of Valencia Science Park (PCUV), together with the acquisition of new equipment, including QuantStudio 5 qPCR device and multimode microplate readers, among others, to increase its independency from the Central Service of Support for Experimental Research (SCSIE-UV). It is expected the new facilities are totally ready between the end of February and the start of March.

On the other hand, regarding the clinical facilities, the company is still looking for higher facilities to relocate the clinical department and increase the capacity of conducting clinical studies, but in the meantime this happens, 2 new devices and 1 new software were recently acquired, in order to continue increasing the offer to their clients. Dynaskin2 for 3D evaluation of firmness and remanence, together with EvaTHERM for skin thermography measurements, both integrated in the AEVA-HE system, were acquired from Eotech. In parallel, the new software FrameScan AUTO V2 was acquired from Orion Concept, in order to improve the image analysis for 2D parameters.

“The situation of the business is very positive. It was difficult to think in having these figures on 2023 with only 2 years of life, but it is clear we are doing things right and we are being useful for our clients. The number of projects has increased, together with the recurrence rate and the total amount per project, meaning clients are trusting more and more in our testing services.” comments David González, CEO of the company. “It is also important to emphasize that we remain fully committed to quality, which is reflected in the implementation of new accreditations such as Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR) and ISO 27001 for Information security standards, which will be approved during the first months of 2024”.



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